We are TheLeadershipAdvisory.com 

offering (non-)Executive -Search, -Casting -Assessment and -Counselling.    

We are providing companies with highly personal leadership counsel and leadership services and we are providing Executive Search services.

In co-operation with Quaestus Leadership Search.

As the Dutch member-office of the global EMA network we are a global operation with more than 40 offices in all major countries and/or cities. 

We are different because we have the experience, resources and technology to apply and ensure "Secure Base Leadership" during and after the entire leadership search process. 

With our state-of-the-art search technologies, the assessment of leadership still requires a highly personal touch and extensive experience. Therefore we co-operate with the best in the business (PhD's) to offer senior leadership assessment as part of our services or as a separate offering.

We have spent many years building our networks in diverse sectors and industries creating insight, intuition and business sense enabling us to present not just the usual suspects. And maybe even that very 'off-profile' candidate you never thought about but very much worth considering and drives the change you need. 

We are are rigorously preparing and defining the search and assessment process thus ensuring quality and speed supported by advanced technology. No bullshit but top professionalism.

We understand diversity is not just a female-thing only - but it is about time we start there anyway to take is serious. We understand that the right diversity mix generates the right award and dividend.

It’s all adding up to an excellent track record.  Some examples of recent mandates in The Netherlands:

 ... and many other projects.